Help with auto a/c?

This is my work / service van. 2008 Express 2500.

Was noticing the temperature fluctuating, just by feel of hand. It’d go from cold to cool and it didn’t matter if I was accelerating or slowing down. I grab my meter and stick thermometer probe in vent. Sure enough, while just cruising it would go down to 48 or so and almost instantly jump to around 60 then right back down and back up etc….

This is a fairly new van to me since I wrecked my other one. First summer with it. Don’t know what had been done in the past so I evacuated system, vacuumed and weighed in charge.

Same thing.

The temperature is constantly fluctuating. BUT, the only clue I can give anyone is that when I’m stopped or parked the quick fluctuations stop. Yes, the temperature does slowly increase stopped or parked but only like a degree per minute. When driving it’s all over the place 48-61.

I’m at a loss and hate to take it to an auto ac shop.

I’d quickly say bad compressor except for the fact that if I stop and it’s blowing 48 it will slowly (again maybe 1 degree per minute) increase.

What to do?

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