Old Compressor/Condenser is it a 4 ton or 5 ton?

Hi, I joined to get advice on replacing the AC and gas furnace in a 50- year old 1-story house. We have had contractors out to give us bids and we are getting conflicting answers as to whether the compressor is a 4 ton or a 5 ton. The older guys say it is a 5 ton and the young ones say it is a 4 ton. It is a GE that is probably close to thirty years old. The plate on it is worn out but the engraved numbers are GE TA048H1B and 215983 508. Can someone look this up and tell me what size this is? Also the one who told us this was a 4 ton compressor said if we replace with a 5 ton, we would have to replace all the ductwork as it is sized for a 4 ton – is this true? Thank you – we are grateful for your assistance. More questions to follow.

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