Second Level Deck Advice?

Hello, I was hoping to get some advice, pointers or ideas on what I’m planning to tackle here within the next few months. I’ve attached a picture of the side of my house. The balcony you see there is installed on cantilevered joists coming out of the main house. Over the years prior owners have cut away the original joists that stuck out of the wall and installed extension pieces, mated up to the floor joists inside. I guess over time the exposed wood rotted and they did this to firm up the floor of the balcony for more support. As you can imagine, the rot has come back and I need to make repairs. Since I have to get into this project, I’m considering scrapping the whole balcony and going back with a proper walk out deck.

Since I plan on adding support posts and extending it, I’ve had the thoughts of making a carport or garage underneath so I can take advantage of that covered space. I’d love to fit a 2 car space under there.

I’d also like to pour a slab but could be happy with gravel or other material.

I’m wondering, how to go about starting this and in what order? And if you guys have any opinions or ideas.

I know this will cost some money, but I’m trying not to break the bank, I just want it functional. I’d love to build an attached garage there with a rooftop deck but I think that would be too much to spend, so I’m leaning towards a carport.

What do you think?


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