Leviton timers in parallel

A few years ago our electrician connected two Leviton timers in parallel to drive a remote fan load. These are the timers:

LTB60-1LZ > Preset Timer Switches > Electronic Timer Switches > Lighting Controls > Products from Leviton Electrical and Electronic Products

The timers have failed a few times over the years, and apparently you aren’t supposed to connect them in parallel (meaning either of the two timers can drive the fan load).

I did some research, and could solve the problem with a bit of rewiring and a Switch Remote from Leviton like this one:


But I’d rather have the two timers in parallel, and stick with that Leviton product because it matches others in our house. That leads me to the question:

Is there a product that can take two switched 120v inputs (on a single circuit), power a single output when either or both of the inputs is hot, and isolate the inputs from one another?

If we call the output from the timers ‘A’ and ‘B’ and make those the inputs to my desired product; it would pass through only one of ‘A’ or ‘B’ when hot. The other input would be isolated. Examples:

A hot -> Output hot from A, B isolated

B hot -> Output hot from B, A isolated

A and B hot -> Output hot from A or B, other input isolated

I think this could be recreated with two relays and a third input ‘C’ that was always hot. The switched inputs A and B would trigger the relays allowing C through to the fan load. So perhaps this is the device I want… just something that combines multiple relays for one supply?

Thanks for ideas.


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