Two wall shed

Hello there Dear members,

I am new to this forum as I usually use google search and then piece up the information gathered to utilize in my projects. Though this time I am using all possible shortcuts as all the numerous projects, including a caravan made last winter, have tired me out and I would love to do something else for a change. Like reading a book in the house I am now about to construct 🙂

I have recently moved to a piece of land where there is a stone building. Didn’t take me much to realize how devastating it is to leave anything exposed to the sun and rain and I want to build a simple storage (this is one of the short-cuts mentioned above). It was first supposed to serve for a cover for the caravan as well as my van, but owing to the difficulties I may face, I am easy to change ideas.

As can be seen in the simple drawing attached, I only want to raise two walls over which I will throw a lean-to roof, to create a valley that will collect rainwater from both roofs.

Walls will be built of straw bales on stone foundation (not deep as everything above will be quite light).

First question:

As I wanted to store my van (2.5m tall) in there, there is no room for a cross brace between walls… owing to the fact that the gutter will be at 1.8m, because that’s where the existing roof terminates. Would a buttress suffice or should I forget about the van being inside?


As there needs to be 1m of eave, wouldn’t that be too much? If so, How would you support it? Fixed poles may not be an option as I want to have a row of water tanks (1000l cubes) underneath the gutters…


For a light roof of corrugated iron, what would be the maximum distance between 2×6 (50mm x 150mm) rafters? Span will the largest possible between 2.5 and 3.5m. There is no snow where i am but wind may be an issue.

I am open for any other ideas that will be cost- and labour-effective but also renewable (concrete being 2-3 times cheaper that anything else where I am, even straw bales… however, I want to avoid it by any means).

I will highly appreciate any help as I look forward to having my well deserved rest in the house that I want to build based on the project and experience of the shed discussed above.

Attached Images


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