Water entering basement @ the sewer line

Water is entering my basement where the sewer line comes through the wall. I have had the sewer line inspected and confirmed that the water entering the basement is not from the sewer line itself. A recent thunderstorm provided me with my first opportunity to witness the water entering the basement, and I snapped a couple of pictures. I was originally lead to believe that the problem was the gutters, but I had the gutters cleaned and extended and water is still finding its way in. My primary concern is stopping the water, and I was wondering if anyone had experience using "pipe penetration kits"…here’s a link to an example: Emecole Pipe Penetration Repair Kit for Foundation Walls – Pipe Fittings – Amazon.com

It seems too easy….

My other concern is that the soil around the sewer line is eroding. It appears that a hole has started near the foundation where the sewer line runs in….How big of a problem is this? What can I do to remedy it? The repair kit may keep the water out of the pipe protrusion, but will it cause me other problems? I.e. enter the foundation somewhere else, or cause erosion problems…especially around the sewer line.

I would love some advice about experiences with the kits and other potential solutions. I’ve attached some pictures

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