Connecting cable directly to computer

Hi, folks. Hoping somebody can help an old boomer understand what I need to do…

We get internet via our cable provider and they provided a modem which is both wired and wireless connection to computers.

I’ve moved my desk into another room upstairs, where there’s a good RG6 cable for the cable control box/TV, but in there, my wireless connection with the modem (elsewhere in the house) is very sketchy.

So I thought I could move the modem in there with me and fix my problem, provided it didn’t kill wireless connectivity elsewhere in the house. But the modem can’t successfully access internet from that new location, although the cable TV connects fine.

So my question is this: Does the cable company make the internet signal available by specific cables in the house, or is it to the entire household? I assume there’s some sort of decoding going on, to control piracy, so the thought occurred to me that maybe they set a separate address for each cable termination point.

Anyone know if I’m out in left field?


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