Portable dehumidifier needed for basement.

I am getting a lot of moisture and dampness in my basement. I am looking for an inexpensive dehumidifier that I can put on a small shelf in the basement and have it drain into the washing machine drain line. This way I don’t have to go and empty it every couple of hours instead it can drain itself.

The basement is not finished. Has part cement and part gravel floor. Water does get into it which I plan on taking care of later but for now just want some help in getting out some of the moisture. The size of the basement is about 450 square feet and the height averages about 5 to 5 1/2 feet. I have two windows and a door leading out to the yard. I guess I need to buy one depending on how much of an area i need it to work for. I don’t know.

Years ago (in another house i owned) I had one that I mounted on a shelf that I made from the floor rafters and it had a catch basin in the back and the catch basin had a connection for a drain hose which I then put down into the washing machine drain line to the sewer.

I was looking at many of them online. I have to watch what I spend but need to know how they are rated. When I see rating such as 40 pints or 50 pints etc is this stating how large the self contained catch basic is or is this the rating as to how much the unit can take dampness out of the air in one hour. Also, when looking at them how do i know from the descriptions if I can set it up like I want to draining directly into a sewer line and not have to empty it all the time.

Any help would be appreciated.



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