Shared neutral sort of I think..

We’ve been doing remodeling for over a year, so a while back I wired a circuit of lights that include a 3way switched light and a 2way switched light in a ganged box with other circuits. Now, revisiting the job and trying to remember what I did, it looks like I have a shared neutral kinda situation where power is fed to a ceiling light and then the 3way switches controlling it are tied off of that. So power is brought from the ceiling box down into the ganged box (apparently?) by a shared neutral 3 wire cable and used to power the 3way and 2way switches.

It’s all one circuit at the single breaker, but somehow instead of running a 2wire cable and using pigtails in the ganged box, I have the 3 wire which avoids pigtails.

It’s a headache to replace the 3 wire cable now with a 2 wire, so if I can leave it, great. Is this set-up acceptable to code?

Thanks guys.


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