Moisture level in carpet?

Will preface this by saying that I’m a relative newbie with home repair/maintenance (in first home only 2 years) and I hope this is not a ridiculous question.

My question is whether or not there is a "normal" or acceptable level of moisture in carpet? Some background…

We live in a high ranch, where the bottom floor is half below grade. Owing to a high water table in the area and the fact this the house wasn’t maintained a lick by the former residents, we have had CONSTANT water issues downstairs, mostly with water coming in through cracks in the concrete walls separating the backyard from the finished rooms inside. Carpet in two different rooms has had to be ripped up around 5 times each, and eventually replaced around 4 months ago. Outside was re-waterproofed and flaws in the walls were repaired.

I’m starting to suspect that the water is now coming UP through the slab and seeping into the padding that’s underneath the carpet. There’s no apparent smell, but I swear the carpet feels damp (not wet, just cold and damp). But I honestly cant tell it’s it’s just cold from being on the slab or legitimately wet underneath. I bought a General Tools Pin-Type Moisture Meter (Model MM1E), and it is reading around 14% throughout the two rooms.

So, it there a "normal" moisture level that I’d expect to detect on this type of meter? If so, what would that be, and should I be concerned with what I am reading? The local water remediation company tells me there is either moisture or none, but I suspect they just want to come in and try to get a job.

I’ve tried to cover everything here. Am I missing anything? Does anyone have any insight?


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