Craftsman shallow well pump problems

I have had my pump installed and working very well for three years, then this spring it would not come up to pressure and turn off, but if I taped the pressure valve it would shut off. I emptied the tank, checked the pressure in the pressure tank, put it to the recommended pressure per manual for Hot weather. That did not make any differences, so I bought a new pressure switch from Sears and had it installed. This still has not fixed the problem, so I had the PSI lowered for the shut off in the switch, and now part of the time it turns off and then it does not.

Anyone have further suggestions?

I live in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, so the nearest Sears is 140 miles from here. I have bought some replacement parts in case I have problems. I am a female and not totally at ease with changing out the parts, so be explicit in your directions. Thanks


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