Residential PEX piping

I have a HWBB system that uses PEX piping to the radiators. There is a lawsuit against KITEC regarding the PEX piping and certain fittings that resulted in a lawsuit.

My home has PLASCO OXYGAURD THERMALEASE pex pipe, with F1807 type fittings.

There seems to be a lawsuit against this type of pipe as well, however the company did not admit there was a problem and settled out of court with a result that they will cover some cost if there is proof of a leak, or total replacement if there is proof of 2 or more leaks.

Here is my question;

Does anyone know if there is a direct problem with the PLASCO pipe? In other words do the experts on this forum who work with these systems everyday have any street knowledge on this particular type of PEX pipe?

Seems to me that once the KITEC case went to court, anyone and everyone who say a drip from a pipe that was not KITEC decided to move forward with a lawsuit, hence my question trying to separate fantasy from reality, as all PEX piping cannot be bad.

Also It seems that there are pages of information regarding the KItEC product, but little on the PLASCO product.

Any and all information will be greatly appreciated…thanks in advance.


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