urgent question: repair of plaster wall (interior side of exterior wall)

i am repairing some the interior side of some exterior plaster walls in my 80 year old house. the problem areas are underneath some windows where there has been some water infiltration (which I am also repairing outside). I have removed the degraded plaster. I was thinking of using either durabond or easy sand. The problem is that there are now some small sections where I am down to the brick — both the plaster top coat and the bottom coat (grey plaster? grey mortar from the 1930s?) were too degraded. I absolutely need to finish this in about three days.

I was thinking of three options, but I see problems with them:

1) Use durabond to cover the small sections of exposed brick, and then easy sand. But I am pretty sure durabond is not meant to be used as the first coat of a "replastering" and applied directly to brick.

2) Use mortar / cement on top of the exposed brick and then durabond or easy sand. If water were to infiltrate again, the mortar won’t degrade. But the instructions for the durabond / easy sand state to "wait 60 days over new concrete." I cannot wait more than overnight at most.

3) use structo-lite, which is base coat plaster — the closest to the original product. I know at can then use durabond and finish with easy sand the day after. But the structo lite is gypsum based, and there could be new water infiltration in the future, and I am concerned the structolite will again degrade.

I need to buy the material tomorrow morning and apply whatever I need to apply over the brick before noon. What should I use??


(Ps: the old base coat is grey, not brown. can it be old plaster base coat? or is it old mortar?)


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