Temporary service being setup for cabin

Howdy, Hopefully I can explain this properly…we are in the pre build stages of having a 40 x 16 cabin built on our lake property. The cabin is one that can be hauled and delivered however due to the location and terrain, it’s being built on location.

In speaking with the power company rep, once I told them it was a normally prefabbed unit but was being built and set permanent, they said they won’t do a permanent service drop and it will be a temp service, however it can remain forever as far as they are concerned. ….so it will most likely be a 100 amp temp drop to a pole on the lot. I had planned for 100 amp conventional electric inside the cabin but unless I win my plea this friday, it’s gonna be temp.

How can I go about plugging in my cabin so to speak? Is there a 100 amp receptacle I can put on the post and then plug into when we are there to supply 100 amps to a normal breaker. .sub panel inside the cabin? I need a few circuits so I want to retain an array of breakers. Anyone dealt with this mess before? I really need to know my options before I meet with them Friday in case this is a deal breaker.

thanks for your time!


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