Standing water on shower tile

(Not 100% sure this is the right board since it’s more of a tiling issue than a plumbing issue. If there’s a better place – I can move the post.)

We bought a renovated house in August – from what we understand the people who flipped it did a lot of work themselves. We’ve seen evidence of that in little things here and there…we noticed that after we shower, the floor of the stall isn’t totally level and water will pool in the back corner. I’m assuming this will cause problems over time – what kind of problems? what’s the least expensive way to fix it? Obviously we’d like to avoid re-tiling the whole shower.

My husband’s thought was to build a tile bench/seat along the back wall of the shower, not sure if that’s more expensive or more work than just re-tiling though. Although a place to shave my legs is appealing.

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