Can I Remove or Move to a new location the Alarm system box?

My dilemma is that I moved into a new home a few years ago and from the start we felt the entrance would be a lot nicer if we got rid of the coat closet. Trouble is the coat closet houses the Main DSC alarm, a connection box as well as a secondary smaller box ( looks like wireless for the belt panic buttons ) not sure. Aside from this but possibly pertinent is another box own in the utility room connected the DVACS module. I don’t currently use the alarm but would eventually like to.

The system has to be quite old and I know nothing about alarms, before getting an alarm guy in I ‘d like to know the options open to me and probability of success for my future plans which are few.

1) it’s gotta move from where it is

2) It has to integrate with Crestron control and touchpads.

3) I also can’t stand the position of the motion sensors around the house, so they will have to be raised. They’re all placed at about 66" from floor, directly in everyone’s line of sight.


Can It be moved reliably and economically or is the 16 zone wiring too troublesome? even if in the ceiling below the floor.

Should I replace all or part with wireless

Are newer wireless alarms as good/better than these older ones?

Is wireless reliable?

Should I start from scratch.Attachment 56405Name: IMG_2972.jpg Views: 0 Size: 35.2 KBName: IMG_2976.jpg Views: 0 Size: 22.1 KB

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