Moving my A/C condensor project

Hi all,

First post, glad I found this site.

I am cutting out the back of my garage and building it barn door style, so I have access to my garage from front and back. My AC unit is a ground unit, the wiring seems easy, the lower part of the harness I figure just go to a home store and get a longer one? Of course turning off the power first.

Then I need to move over the PVC tubes, fairly easy, not sure what these are called, I think they are for the condensation that builds up?

What Im unsure about, is there are 2 copper tubes, one small and one medium size . Are these pressurized? I supposed I’d need some new copper tubing and some "L" elbows? As of now Im not sure where to detach or cut them, Im not touching anything yet….

Name: unnamed-1.jpg Views: 2 Size: 34.1 KB

Any advice would be great. Im hardly moving it btw, mostly just turning it Im trying to gain only about 10" of clearance.

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