Printers not working after changing router and switch

After spending 7 hours trying to get my printers to work I am hoping someone can give me a hand.

Yesterday it just so happened I needed to replace my router and my switch. I thought this would be an easy unplug / plug in operation. No such luck. I cannot get my printers that are plugged into the switch to work. Netgear told me their device is working and that I need to do something (did not understand what they said) with the IP address of my printer. At that point it got over my head.

My system is running XP. I have a cable modem that is ethernet connected to my 4 receptacle router. The router is connected to an 8 receptacle switch. My printers are connected to the switch via an ethernet cord.

In addition, I just discovered that my wifi unit on another floor of our house (fed by an ethernet cord from the router) is not working either.

I would sure appreciate if someone could explain to me in a simple fashion what I need to do to get my system to see my printers again and to get my wifi unit working again. FYI, am not real experienced with computers.




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