What am I doing wrong? (Wiring outside light)

I have an outdoor motion-sensing light that is worn out from age, so I tried to replace it today. I bought a new light (SKU 248-593 from Home Depot) and wired it in accordance with it’s instructions, yet the light won’t come on. I used a voltage detector to confirm that the wires are HOT and passing voltage, and the light bulb is good.

Attaching an image to this post failed, so you can see the image of my wiring job here: View image: 20151128 182239

I connected white-white, black-black, and ground-ground. I’m color blind, so maybe the black-back is actually black-red. If so, how do I properly wire this light, as it only has a black and white wire?

NOTE – there is an additional wire in the image, its from the old motion sensor which was external. The new sensor is built into the light. This additional wire has no voltage flowing through it.


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