Velux VSE Electric Skylight Repair

Hello all, new member here looking for some advice repairing a 10 year old Velux electric skylight.

My multi-meter shows no power coming coming out, from the converter. I’m trying to get some suggestions for a substitute power converter to use as Velux wants $250 for a replacement, which frankly, is insane.

It’s a simple 24 volt, AC/DC, 60 watt, 60 Hz, Class 2 power converter.

I saw a thread on this forum from a couple of years ago where people seemed to have actually solved this very problem. Unfortunately, they never identified the specific converter they purchased.…working-2.html

What I need to know is whether it’s "switched" or "unswitched" type, constant current or constant voltage, and what amperage. Some folks who replaced them used as little as one amp, others used 2.5 amps… does it even matter?

I asked the Velux representative and he wasn’t a lot of help. He said the amperage of the motor was "pretty low, like half an amp", but said he didn’t know for sure. He thought it could be slightly higher on startup. He didn’t think it made a difference what kind of power converter was used. Maybe he’s right?

Moderators – I originally posted this over in the "Electrical" section and am reposting here as this seems to be the more appropriate forum.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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