A FREE Inbound Marketing Software Solution for Businesses

Who doesn’t like a FREE alternative to marketing? We bet you most start-ups are interested in solutions that help minimize costs. At the same time, companies don’t want to sacrifice their marketing – after all, how else will they generate revenue?

Now there’s always HubSpot; all-inclusive software that helps you market and promote your business online. In short, HubSpot is a platform that allows you to join and connect with every marketing tool to attract customers and clients to your site, and ultimately to create conversion. This is what we call Inbound Marketingwhich is a special approach that focuses on bringing in the visitors rather than having to attract your prospect’s attention.

Some of the elements of online marketing include things like blogging, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), key word search etc. Through HubSpot you are able to manage and assess your leads, to ultimately convert them to possible revenue opportunities. The point is to make marketing efficient, simple and convenient.

While time and speed are biggies for most business owners, ‘money’ is no small issue. For many businesses, HubSpot is just too expensive and advanced. HubSpot has acknowledged this and as a result, there is a cheaper platform to help businesses get started with their inbound marketing.

LeadIn: Introducing the FREE Alternative to Inbound Marketing

Did someone say Free?

LeadIn, HubSpot’s free solution for inbound marketing, provides the tools you need in order to get to know your website’s visitors. It’s a plugin that helps you convert your visitors into leads and subscribers, allowing you to learn more about your contacts. LeadIn allows you to understand your visitors and their interactions on your site. The platform is a great tool for enhancing your market research, allowing you to monitor your visitors, which will eventually link to revenue.

This platform is made with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind – and one of the greatest things is that it’s compatible with any content management systems out there. The plugin will work with every website, no matter what CMS you’ll be using. These include Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Joomla and more.

Also, LeadIn can gather company information (For example: number of employees, business description etc.) that will provide context about your contacts, which will be valuable for reaching out to leads.

Conversion is every business’s ultimate goal – and LeadIn offers effective conversion tools that are built into the platform. The platform features optional popup forms or surveys that can be used to track leads and to improve conversion rates. In addition, LeadIn truly simplifies web analytics, making it easy to find the right sources and contents that offer higher conversion.

Remember that while LeadIn is exciting (and FREE), there will always be things that HubSpot does that LeadIn won’t be able to. But, if you’re a start-up who wants the benefits of inbound marketing, but you aren’t quite ready to spend the money, LeadIn is for you.

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