Combined Heating/DHW for Small House

I built a small rental house which is partly heated by passive solar heating with a radiant floor backup. The floor is concrete with insulation underneath and around the edges. Heat input to the floor is pretty low and not used very often since the sun is capable of heating the place to around 60 degrees by itself, an the slab stores a lot of heat.

The house has one bath and generally only 1 DHW use at a time.

I have two 11 year Takagi TK-Jr on demand water heaters, one for heat and one for DHW.

Just mapping out a plan to replace them if they fail. Is there a better choice going forward? They hang on the wall in a closet (direct vent intake and exhaust) and take up very little room. We have a Triangle Prestige combined at our own house which has far too much capacity for this application.


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