replacing white-rodgers thermostat 1e30-910

So, we’ve got baseboard heating, some of which are connected to an old thermostat:

Here is a picture the backside of a white rodgers 1e30-910 mercury thermo:

Thermostat wires in wall:

<img src="; border="0" alt="Name: 2016-01-31 18.37.54.jpg

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The problem: yesterday the baseboard heaters never turn off. Though it could be a short somewhere else in the system, I’m going to start with the assumption it’s this old thermostat.

When I removed the thermostat from the wall, these were the only 2 wires actually connected. The 3rd one was just floating. 😮

Could any of you please suggest a replacement thermostat, something that is basic, could handle these 2 (3?) wires and is programmable?

I’ve looked at this one, for example, but it assume about 6 wires to connect. I’ve got 2: Honeywell

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