Small Nail/Staple Guns Electric VS Air

I want to get a couple of small Nail/Staple guns.

First project to be used on:

Replacing plyboard around eves of my shop. My existing plyboard is getting really bad around the eves of the shop so I want to remove it & replace it with 1/4 plyboard. So, I need a small nail/brad gun that will shoot 1″ or so nails/brads, whatever as well as staples. Now, I say that cause I have a little electric nailer/stapler thing that shoots both but I don’t really like it. It doesn’t seem to be strong enough for its purpose. So, that’s what I am kinda looking to replace. To be honest, I dont know that I would use a stapler that much so a 1″ nail/brad gun would be ok.

I also do little piddling things like bird houses etc with 1/2″ plyboard. So, I kinda need something that will do these little small projects.

I have an air compressor so that’s not an issue & of course we even have electricity around here. I’ll be honest in that I probably wont use this thing a lot. Especially on a weekly basis, sometimes on a monthly basis. So, it could be 3 or 4 months between uses.

With that info, would you suggest an electric over air? I think I would prefer an air gun but, I am not opposed to getting an electric, but I’ve heard, you need to keep an air gun oiled or maintained even when not in use for periods of time, otherwise the seals etc will dry out & you’ll have to have them rebuilt or something…. whatever.

I buy most of my hardware & project supply’s at Home Depot…. but, I sometimes check Lowes too. Name brands? Other tips?

So……. Yes? No? Maybe? Air? Electric? What to you say?


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