Maytag MAH6500AWW Washing Machine….drain hose pumping too much volume?

Hi everyone,

I own a Maytag front loading washing machine (MAH6500AWW), and I am having an issue with the draining cycle.

The issue is that when the machine pumps the drain water out of the hose into the drain pipe, the drain pipe overflows seemingly not able to handle the volume of water being pumped. A decent amount of the water will go down the drain, but the remainder backs up, and pours out on the floor.

The obvious answer would be a clogged drain (which it still might be), but other items attached to that drain seem to work fine. I will be renting a power snake tomorrow to attempt to root out that issue.

Could there be an issue with the machine? Could the pump be failing, thereby expelling the drain water at too much speed/pressure.

Thank you,



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