5282V is blind

Hello, all. It’s been a bit since I last asked a question, but that’s because everything has been working fine.

I wanted to add a keypad in a place wiring would be awful, and found the 5828 and 5828V. eBay found me a 5828V and a power supply for it, and I thought I’d be good to go.

I have a Vista20se with a 5882ENH and 5800TM installed. In the past, there was some keyfobs, which I understood also needed the 5800TM, so I assumed worked. I never had the keyfobs, so I don’t know.

I thought that was all I would need to get the 5282V working.

I got the 5282V, and followed the directions. I set the same house code on the Vista 20se and on the 5282V. I set the 5282V to use Vista programming.

When I finish programming, the 5282V won’t ding or announce anything. The screen shows “00” in the digits place, “NO AC”, and “NOT READY”. If it is unplugged, and you let it turn off, when you press *, you get no display, just backlight.

Despite this, you can use it to make changes. Enter a user code, press 9, the chime changes. The wired panels bing, and the messages change. But the 5282V gets nothing back from them.

Any suggestions on what the issue might be, and where I should look to get this thing working properly?

Note: I typoed the keypad number in the subject! Whoops! I’d fix it if it would let me.


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