Does leveling a refrigerator affect is performance?

My fridge compressor is about to go out, fridge is not cooling as well as it used to going only into its third year. When it was one year old, I went to clean behind it and to move it, I noticed it was assembled with the front tilted slightly back, so it was off its front wheels, making it difficult to move when I have to clean behind it. So I leveled it off by just taking the front off those pegs that raised the front a few degrees and let it rest on its front casters so I can just roll it forward and back as I please. So fast forward a year later it’s not performing as well, and I don’t know if it was due to me just leveling it off, or by doing so maybe someone in my family forgot to ensure to shut the doors and the compressor ran all night and eventually wore out, as I thought the tilt was just to help the doors shut by itself.

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