Subflooring options

To start, I am brand new to this forum and have little to no experience in the tile/flooring department so any help is very much appreciated.

Just finished demoing a bathroom and looking to move forward with tiling the floor (among many other items that this room will need). I’ve attached a picture of the subfloor that is currently in the room. The joists are 16 inches apart from one another.

<img src="; border="0" alt="Name: image.jpg

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What are my options to move forward with this sub flooring? Do I place plywood down onto the joists? If so what thickness am I aiming for? I have some concerns that if the sub flooring is too thick I won’t be able to lay down a backer board and tile before I am over the floor duct and toilet drain. Or do I attempt some kind of mortar bed?

I appreciate any advice/direction with this project and I can provide more details if needed.

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