Convert indoor armoire to outdoor entertainment center

Hello All,

I wish to embark on a project to convert a pocket door armoire into an entertainment center that can survive the elements.


– unit will house a tv, cable box, and soundbar year round

– bottom drawers or doors will be used for deck or grill storage (charcoal, utensils, etc)

– unit will be decorated in a way that will allow me to weatherproof so not much moisture penetrates


– unit will be outside unprotected from sun, temperature, and moisture.

– unit is made out of wood

– unit is not yet purchased. I am eying several on craigs

Million dollar question

How can I weatherproof this unit and decorate it at the same time to flow with the brown deck and cream house siding?

My ideas

– use vinyl siding

– find plastic sheeting that ia decorative

– consider metal sheeting

– paint

– epoxy

That is about as far as I have made it in my project.

Please feel free to express your ideas and opinions!


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