New Fiberglass Windows Smell when Hit by Sun

We had new Andersen fiberglass windows installed throughout the house a few months ago. Since the weather started warming up, we noticed that when the upper-floor windows are hit by sunlight, the entire upstairs is filled is an odd odor, that I can only describe as plastic-like-mixed-with-turpentine. For a while we weren’t sure what it was, because there was no smell immediately after the windows were put in. But we now feel pretty strongly it’s the windows, since that’s all that changed and, again, it happens when light’s coming in.

The contractor used an ‘elastomeric’ caulk, but I’d assume it’d be dry by now and therefore not causing a smell. The windows have a SunSmart treatment but I don’t know exactly how that’s implemented (a coating or what).

The contractor is contacting Andersen to see if they’ve heard of this issue. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and can help narrow down exact causes. Thanks!


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