Need some help to re-enter programming mode for vista-20p

I have vista-20p and 6162rt installed at home without any subscription

Recently I need re-program some sensor, but can’t enter program mode any more. I think I have the modified installer code in hand, but when I reboot the panel (unplug the battery and transformer then re-plug the transformer), I pressed * and # and the same time within 50s (panel is in basement, need 10s to come back to main floor). The keypad was light on with a long beep when power is reconnected. When I pressed * and #, there is also a long beep. But the keypad keep showing “Busy – Standby, v10.23 D1”. I tried * and # several times within 50s, every time I could get a long beep. After about 1 min, the keypad went back to Ready to arm on screen. I don’t if this means the panel was locked by accident to downloader only

Any idea? Thank you


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