Replace gas dryer – bend pipe?

I have replaced our gas dryer. Gas inlet on new dryer is on opposite side, than the previous dryer. Copper pipe is pretty sturdy. How much can i curve the pipe to get to other side of dryer?

I have added 2 pictures\The firdt where you can see part of the dryer exhaust shows the copper pipe attached to flexible hose. Copper pipe used to go towards back left of dryer. Now i need to attach to back right of dryer. It is currently attached, but when i push dryer back against the wall, i believe that the pipe will stop it from going as far back as needed.

The 2nd picture is of the copper pipe headed up the wall towards ceiling. I have already started to curve it somewhat, to take the length out of it. How much can i curve/bend? I am doing this with my hands – no tools

Dumb ???


Attached Images



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