How to best deal with this wood flooring issue?

My 3/4″ solid hardwood flooring will sit higher than the trim around part of my staircase.

Wondering what the pro’s would do in this situation ? One thing is important to me is making this look like a professional job. I’m even pulling all the baseboards off, so to not use a quarter round. Leaving the wood sitting higher than the trim isn’t going to look very nice.

Here’s some pics of what I mean.

I did go to a showhome and checked out how they dealt with it. Seems to me they used a much thinner plank than the 3/4″ than i’ve got.. but it looked good and professional.

Here you can see, it sits just below the curve. Mine will sit above. 😦

Pro’s how do you deal with this when you come across it on a pro install ?


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