Convert 4-way circuit to single pole?

Hi all. My wife and I bought a mid century house and the previous owners were a bit paranoid. They had 3 different switches spread out all over the house (one switch was next to the bed) to turn on all the flood lights around the exterior of the house. Ive converted those floods to led accent down lights and really want to put them on timers like I’ve done with many other switches / lights with our house. I noticed one switch is a bizarre looking one with only a pair or traveler wires going in and out (no common wire) and a ground. The switch next to the bed looks like a traditional 3-way with red and white traveler wires, a common and a ground. I don’t care which location has the timer. The goal is to have the lights on a timer and the other 2 switches to not control anything.

Thanks in advance!


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