Ran out of wireless zones! Vista 20P

Okay, another set of questions with my Vista 20P:

The panel specs say the unit will handle 40 wireless zones, but I guess if you have a 6150RF keypad, that 40 goes down to 16? I wonder because I have 13 wireless zones set up and then I tried to add a keyfob which apparently threw me into the dreaded E8 error.

If this is true, do I need to add another RF Receiver to get more zones? Are there any out there that handle more than 16?

Lastly, the previous homeowner had a Lynx Plus keypad installed. I pulled it to put in the Vista 20P I had from a previous installation. It seems the Lynx Plus handles up to 40 wireless zones as-is, is that correct? If that is the case, could the Lynx Plus be substituted as the keypad in place of the 6150RF in my Vista 20P system? Am I stupid for even swapping the units out (Lynx Plus for Vista 20P)? One thing I’ve noticed about the Lynx Plus is that it wont handle my AMSCO SSX-52S Siren/Strobe unit (not enough power). That is one reason I’d like to use the Vista 20P.

Please advise if you can. Thanks!


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