Simple pergola question

I’ve looked at a lot of pictures of pergolas. It seems to me a lot of pergolas without a consistent roof or fabric don’t seem to work very well: vertical slats don’t work when the sun is high, and they only work well when it is perpendicular to them. As such here is what I am thinking, but I wonder why I don’t see this design used much? I would have the slats angled at 45 degrees.

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So 4X4 posts, 2X8″ joist probably, and 5/4 decking about half way notched in (as deep as a circular saw will get me).

Fabric won’t save any money over this plus it blows around and decays. The benefit to the angled wood instead of laid flat like a deck is that I don’t get additional snow weight on top of this (it will be on top of a deck). Also it gives the ideal angle against the sun when the sun is perpendicular to it and, finally, as the sun swings around at late day and sends its light parallel to the slats, they still offer substantial shade (though not complete).

Feel free to post thoughts on if this is awesome or terrible! Thanks!

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